We will draw for free d6 Elder Dice during the Kickstarter launch event.

Winners will receive a d6 die from each of the three sets.

The Cthulhu Set

These blood-red dice bear the face of Great Cthulhu. What's better than rolling maximum damage? Rolling maximum Cthulhu.

The Star Elder Sign Set

What would Cthulhu-themed gaming be without the classic Star Elder Sign used to protect against the Deep Ones and their cultists?

The Lovecraft Elder Sign Set

Lovecraftian traditionalists will love the dice based on the Elder Sign sketched by Lovecraft himself. It's a fan favorite!

Cthulhu d6 Set

These dice are perfect for rolling a fist-full of six-sided dice in any game. Don't roll all sixes, roll all Cthulhus.

Star Elder Sign d6 Set

The d6s feature rounded corners for smooth rolling. Tubes of six-sided dice will be available separately from the polyhedral sets for the gamers who need them.

Lovecraft Elder Sign d6 Set

The dice in the d6 sets use pips for the numbers and have the special symbol for the six. They also feature a  beautiful marbled color for a magically infused look.

Each set of polyhedral ELDER DICE will come in its own matching grimoire.

Each polyhedral dice set will come in its own madness inducing grimoire. It is the perfect way to transport your Elder Dice and add atmosphere to the gaming table.

The Elder Dice grimoires will look great on your gaming table, on your shelf, or even on your desk.

Each grimoire snaps closed with a magnetic closure to keep your dice secure. They will feature original Lovecraftian art in the interior.